When Leaving Becomes Arriving

visual music (2015)

In this project, we attempt to elicit the immensely upsetting yet anticipative feel at the ending of a chapter before moving on to our next journey towards the greater possibilities into the unknown.

The music is from Nicolas Scherzinger's 'inter-sax-tive', a series of improvisational works for saxophone and interactive computer. It involves a variety of granular synthesis techniques and is produced by the computer and the performer interact with one another in real time.

Using Processing programming language, we build up evolving abstract compositions that were linked with the musical riffs and patterns. Through purposely emphasizing or neglecting certain aspects of music signals, the image arrives as the visual counterpoint of the music. The interplay of visual and music builds novel texture into the artistic rendering and adds extra dimensions to the conversation between artist and musician.

computer graphics:
Rebecca Ruige Xu
Sean Hongsheng Zhai

Nicolas Scherzinger

Processing, Max/MSP